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The Matchstick is open for submissions across Canada and looking for Literary/Visual Arts pieces from young activists up to the age of 25.

Volume 004: Call for Submissions

Deadline June 30th 2024


The Matchstick will consider all work connected to justice, human rights advocacy, and the power of activism.  We especially encourage submissions that align with the following Human Rights Campaigns: Indigenous Rights, Refugee Rights, Women’s Human Rights Defenders, Indigenous Water and Land Defenders, Climate Justice, Anti-Black Racism and Corporate Accountability. To learn more about Amnesty's campaigns you can refer to this Activism Guide.

We will accept any of the following art forms:

Literary Submissions

  • Poetry

  • Prose and vignettes

  • Short stories

  • Short dramas

  • Essays

Visual Arts

  • High-resolution images of:

    • Paintings

    • Drawings

    • Sketches

    • Blueprints

    • Sculptures

    • Installations 

    • Multi-media artwork 

    • Fashion and design pieces 

  • Short films

  • Videos of slam poetry and spoken-word art 

  • Musical pieces (instrumental, vocal, electronic, etc.)

  • Videos of dances, skits, and other physical artwork 

  • Graphic/design artwork and animations

If you are interested in submitting your work to The Matchstick, please read the guidelines below and fill out our submissions form before 11:59 pm, June 30th, 2024.

  • Written work: please submit a PDF that includes an editable Google Doc link.

  • Images of artwork, photography: please ensure that the images are at least 4″x6” at 300 DPI (1200 x 1800 px), a minimum of 100 ppi and that the images are accompanied by a short description which entails the work’s title, medium, and dimensions.

  • Videos: please ensure that the file size does not exceed 800 MB.

  • If submitting music, please ensure that the sound quality is at least 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files. 

  • Please only submit artwork that has not been published elsewhere and that is entirely your own work.

  • At this time, The Matchstick can only accept submissions from artists/activists based in Canada.

While we will review as many submissions as you provide us, we will only select one piece/collection per artist in order to fairly allocate space in the publication to a wide breadth of contributors.

The Matchstick is committed to compensating you for your work.

An honorarium of $100 CAD value will be offered to each published artist.

Please note that Amnesty - and the Matchstick, by extension-  is committed to supporting the respectful expression of opinions and replacing, rather than compounding, ideas that reinforce existing stereotypes, bias, inequality and/or discrimination. For more information on our ethical guidelines please refer to this document.

If you have any questions, please contact our team:

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